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Keeping Your Tax Returns in Order

We understand how hectic tax preparation season can be. For this reason, the advisors of Larry Banks CPA will prepare your tax return quickly and accurately. This saves you time and eliminates worry. You'll be able to have your return filed correctly, without being overwhelmed during the rush.

For Individual

Come to our experts to have your individual tax return filed electronically. Our professionals in Memphis, Tennessee, have been successfully preparing returns for more than three decades. With this expertise, we are sure we can help you. Keep in mind; you must file by April 15, or you'll need to file for a six-month extension.

No matter when you are ready to file, we can assist you. Our company is open year round. We also stand behind every return we prepare. If there is a problem, we'll represent you to the Internal Revenue Service.

Calculator and Tax Document

For Businesses

Meet with one of our consultants to file your business taxes. We work with all types of clients, including sole proprietorship, C-Corporation, and truckers. While each state is different, we'll prepare your return correctly. On each return, we'll file the franchise, sales, business, and/or liquor taxes. We'll also file International Fuel Tax Agreement taxes for truckers.

The deadline to have your commercial return filed is by March 15. If you can't complete it by this date, you'll need to ask for a five-month extension.